Incident Command System for Industrial Control Systems (ICS4ICS)

The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has joined forces with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and cybersecurity response teams from more than 50 participating companies to adopt FEMA's Incident Command System framework for response structure, roles, and interoperability. This is the system used by First Responders globally when responding to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, industrial accidents, and other high impact situations.

If you are interested in being part of the ICS4ICS effort or want to learn more, please fill out the form at right to be contacted.



The ICS4ICS approach guides companies, organizations, and municipalities in identifying an incident, assessing damage, addressing immediate challenges, communicating with the right agencies and stakeholders, and resuming day to day operations.


The Process

The adjudication process, managed by a formal committee within ICS4ICS, consists of an application process and panel of incident command system (ICS) subject matter experts who evaluate the candidate’s submittal. 

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Joining the Program

Interested companies and organizations can engage with ICS4ICS to learn how they can participate in this multilateral preparedness scheme for responding to cyber incidents. There are no membership requirements to participate, and we are seeking broad engagement from both the private and public sectors.

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ICS4ICS Overview Training is available to help you better understand the approach. This training course will prepare you to attend an ICS4ICS Exercise, and provide knowledge about the three components of ICS4ICS:

  • Incident Command System and the Planning P processes used to manage incidents
  • Cybersecurity basic principles, including an overview of Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) processes
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS) overview, including the challenges required to manage and secure these systems

Duration: 2 hours

Training Modules:

Meeting and Briefing information that will be used in the ICS4ICS Exercise:

The ICS4ICS Workshop provides in-depth information about how the Incident Command System is used to manage cybersecurity incidents impacting Industrial Control Systems.

 Workshop Modules:

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