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Attend the Virtual Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Conference

The Virtual Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Conference (VCSIC) is coming up next week. Join us online on 16 July 2020 for a series of discussions exploring the impact of automation cybersecurity standards on the management of organizational cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Hosted by the International Society of Automation (ISA), this virtual event will generate vital, topical conversationsfrom risk assessment, system design, and architecture to the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA) will have a virtual booth at VCSICwe encourage conference attendees to visit us between presentations. Representatives from several ISAGCA member companies (including aeSolutions, exida, PAS Global, Schneider Electric, and Xage Security) will also present talks.

Here are three reasons why you should consider attending VCSIC this year:

1. It's Virtualvirtual-working-laptop-computer

This will be the first virtual version of ISA's cybersecurity conference. If you have considered attending in the past, but couldn't travel or fit it into your budget, now is the time to check it out. You will be able to learn and network as much as you do at an "in-person" conference. You can attend live online presentations; download educational materials; chat live with presenters, events sponsors, and other attendees; and participate in an optional, introductory training session. All on-demand content will be archived for viewing up to 30 days after the event, in case you need to step away or if you are in a different time zone.

2. It's Affordable

money-pot-saving-affordableAt 100 USD per attendee (80 USD for ISA members), the cost is a fraction of what you might pay to attend a conference in person—even if you don't factor in travel expenses. Consider sending your entire team, or gifting seats to premier customers and prospects.

3. It's Educational

raise-hand-education-corporateVCSIC brings together some of the best thought leaders in the automation cybersecurity space—regardless of their geographic location. Spend the day learning about the cybersecurity risks companies face today and how to take them on with some of the top experts in the field. Regardless of the maturity level of your organization's automation cybersecurity, you'll leave with a renewed vision of how to protect and strengthen your systems. 


The virtual conference will take place on 16 July 2020. To register or to learn more, visit ISA also offers a robust suite of other virtual events, addressing a range of topics from IIoT and digital transformation to process control and instrumentation. Visit for details on ISA's virtual events program.


Kara Phelps
Kara Phelps
Kara Phelps was the content manager for ISA from 2019-2021.

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