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Cybersecurity Incidents Can Be Prevented

Cybersecurity incidents continue to increase in frequency and have greater impacts on the critical infrastructure of nations around the world. Incidents associated with operation technologies (such as automation and control systems) are impacting industries, governments, and other parties. The implementation of the ISA/IEC 62443 series of international cybersecurity standards can help prevent incidents and minimize the disruption and impact of incidents that occur. These are some incidents that have significantly impacted critical infrastructure:


These are some of the incidents that were prevented and/or minimized by following good cybersecurity practices, like those defined in ISA/IEC 62443:

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Brian Peterson
Brian Peterson
Brian Peterson is an Information Risk Consultant who works for LOGIIC and other companies as a program and project manager. Mr. Peterson was the project manager for LOGIIC Project 12: Safety Instrumentation and Management. Mr. Peterson has 30 years of cybersecurity experience of IT systems, applications, and SCADA/DCS systems, such as those used in the oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. In the last 20 years, he has concentrated on performing research of security technologies and to develop programs and implementation tools for Information Security, ICS Security, and other risk programs.

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